Common mistakes you make while blow drying your hair

Avoid the mistakes that can ruin your blow dry

Using heat too often can damage your hair; and using it the wrong way can be even more harmful. No one, except a certified hair stylists can be a pro at this activity. No matter what kind of a dryer you are using, you will make a mistake, which you aren’t even aware of.

No matter how much we try we never get the same finish as of saloon blow dried hair. This is because we make a few mistakes which make our hair frizzy when we blow dry. So here is the list of common mistakes that one should avoid when blow drying their hair:
1. Expert says that a lot of girls make a wrong start. Many of us just wrap our hair around the brush and blast heat on it. This is not only the worst possible way but also the slowest way to blow dry your hair. You should take a round brush and place it in the roots. Then roll the brush all the way down and then work your way up again. Do this while focusing the dryer as you go along your hairline first and then to the ends.

2. Many girls are not using the right brush when blow drying. The bigger the brush, the better is your end result. Different hair need different type of brushes. If you have fine hair and need more volume, then you should use a metal brush. This will give you a smoother look. If you have rough hair, then you should use a nylon bristle or a boar brush. This will give your hair more shine.

3. There are chances that you are not giving your hair the lift they require for that perfect blow dry. If you want that lavish salon look, then you should use your hands to comb the roots up and then blow dry. You need to use your hands because the diameter of the brush restricts it from coming closer to the roots.
4. Another reason why you don’t get your desired hair is because a lot of you start the blow dry on dripping wet hair. Experts say that your hair should be about 60% dry before you start. Before you section your hair, make sure you towel dry it and then start.

5. Last but not the least is that you should give your hair the time to settle. Let your hair cool down before you start with the next section. Leave the brush in your hair for a while and then move forward. This will help your blow dry to stay longer.
We hope these steps help you get the salon like blow dry you have always hoped for; without spending a lot. Avoiding these mistakes will also protect your hair from all the damage you might cause it.