Contour and highlighting hacks for beginners 

Check out some contour and highlighting hacks for beginners:

Contouring and highlighting are the hottest makeup trends right now. If you want to emphasize your features then contouring and highlighting are the best tricks. Well, they do make us look beautiful but they are tricky to do as well. You need the right techniques to perfect contour and highlight your face. So here are some tips that will make contour and highlighting easy for you. 

Before we start do you know what is the purpose of contour? 

Well, it is done to enhance your features and change the shape of your face. Highlighting and contour are done to change the look of your face. 

  • Curve your contour under your cheek 

After you have got a straight line, curve your brush up under the apples of your cheeks, stopping just near the corners of your mouth. It will emphasize your smile. 

  • Use different shades of highlighter

Highlight your cheeks and cupid bow using one shade and then dust your nose with some other color. I love using rose gold and pearl color. 

  • Contour shade 

You need three darker shades than your skin tone for contour. look for a shade that’s just three steps below your current skin color. 

  • Where to contour? 

Use a brush and do your contour down the hairline, then the temple slightly to narrow down the forehead. For your cheek contouring, follow your natural bone structure and contour from the top of the ear toward the corner of the mouth. Apply a little bit on the sides of the nose for a more chiseled look.

  • Blending 

For contour use a big brush and blend until you can’t see any harsh lines on your face. For highlighter use a small, fluffy brush and blend out the highlighted area by pressing it. 

  • Setting it

Set your makeup with loose powder.