Here’s how to avoid arguing with your partner

Couple after an argument/freedigitalphotos

Relationships mean fun and sharing your feelings with each other but some times there are fights and arguments too. Though people say fighting has its benefits, you understand each other and the make-up sex is awesome, but many of us( women) love arguing. Arguing or nitpicking can make small issues seem awful and unsolvable. But here is how to avoid that argument:

Listen: We know that when you are in the steam listening to your partner’s side of things can be difficult. However, try and listen to what your partner wants to say. You need to listen to what is actually wrong to keep the fights out of your relationship.

Never insult: Never utter something that you might regret later. Many women get personal and utter things which they do not mean. Never ever insult your partner, the same stands true for men. Men have they habit of abusing during a fight which can escalate the tension.

Look for the core reason: Never validate an argument buy picking up an issue months old. Look at the core reason why that particular fight started. Many women love to point out all the faults in one argument to prove they are right (it’s an awful habit we all have!) Find the deeper issue, like his unnecessary drinking or spending too much time at work, and work together on them.

Choose your fights carefully: Fighting on why the shoes were kept on a different place or nagging for lack of manners is just not worth fighting over. Fight on issues where you know you are correct, like, not taking the child’s academic work seriously.

Space is important: Spending sometime apart can make you realise that there was no need to fight. If you know that you are in the bad mood and are looking to pick a fight (many women do!) tell your partner that you need some space, like an hour’s break, before you can talk. Take a walk, watch TV, essentially do anything, which gives you peace of mind.

Compromise: This one word can alone solve most of the fights. Learning to compromise is a tough task, especially if both of you are equally rigid. Understand giving in or staying quiet doesn’t mean you are wrong. It’s just a way of diffusing the tension.

Every relationship has arguments but don’t let fights dictate your relationships. In fact with every fight try and grow closer to each other.  How do you deal with fights with your partner?