Easy Ways to Lighten Lips

Dark lips are not the most favourite feature. No one wants dark lips as the make you look aged and not so beautiful. At times products, at times, do not give us the perfect lips we desire. In fact substandard products can darken the lips quicker. Here are home remedies or natural elements that you can use to get rid of your dark lips fast.

1. Avoid UV Sun Rays

8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Color Lips

When you travel mostly in sun, the sun rays create melanin growth on your skin. This mainly happens on lips, hands, and face as these parts are usually the least protected. Melanin creates pigments hence making your lips dark. Try to go out lesser in the sun and apply sun cream or sun safety lip balm with minimum SPF 15.

2. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon has Vitamin C that helps whitens dark lips. Lemon has wonderful bleaching properties that slowly fade away darkness from the skin and is a good way to remove dark lips fast. Apply lemon juice once a day and after applying, massage your lips with the fingertips. It removes dead skin layers from your lips too. PS do not apply lemon when you will go out in the sun as the skin will darken further.

3. Stop Smoking

Many people have discoloration on their lips due to smoking. Smoking leaves pigments on your lips and teeth. It also produces black spots on the lips. The only way to remove dark lips from smoking is to stop smoking as soon as possible.

4. Honey

8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Color Lips

Honey is one of the best natural creams for the skin. It nurtures, softens, and relaxes the skin. Honey also gives a glow to your lips. Apply pure honey on your lips by soaking a small soft cotton ball in honey. Then scrub your lips with it for 3 or 4 minutes. Leave some honey on the lips through the night. Wash off your face in the morning and see your cleansed pinkish lips.

5. Use Rose Petals and Milk

From many years roses were used in sophisticated treatments for healing and beauty care. Roses contain moisturizing, calming, freshening and brightening properties. It gives a rosy shade on your lips and they also look nourished and blushing. Crush some rose petals and mix cold milk in it. Now massage this mixture with a tissue or cotton onto your lips for 4 minutes. You can also use this instead of a lip balm.

6. Beetroot

Beetroot is a great home remedy for removing dark color lips. It is rich with natural whitening agents and also has great fuchsia color. It breaks down the hyper-pigmentation from the lips and gives a reddish tone to the lips. Amrita Arora and Kareena Kapoor follow this hack. Blend some beetroot slices and apply them on the lips during the night.

7. Don’t Let Your Lips Dry

Apply some glycerin on the lips before sleeping at night. Rub your lips gently and notice the dry or chapped skin being removed from your lips. You can also use any good lip balm made with dry caring elements. Be aware of the cold weather. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.

8. Take less Caffeine

8 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Color Lips

Tea and coffee are most widespread caffeine. But, do you have any idea these also cause darkness on your lips if you drink more than 5 cups per day. If not required, don’t have them and if you really want to have then take only two cups of coffee or tea a day.

Do you follow any ways to lighten lips? Tell us and we would try them too!