Eyeshadow palettes that a bride to be must have 

Check out the list of eyeshadow palettes that a bride to be must-buy:

Shopping for bridal makeup can be a really tough task because you want variety, good quality, and versatility. You can’t just add random things in your makeup vanity. Every bride wishes to add some amazing, reasonable, and good products because you will now be using them frequently. After the wedding many times you want a glow and glam look, for which you need to have the best products. So here is a list of some must-have eyeshadow palettes: 

  • Maybelline new york the Nudes palette 

If you are looking for a reasonable eyeshadow palette then this one is great. It offers great quality and is pigmented. The price that it offers, it is a great deal. There are different palettes in this range, so you can choose as per the shade requirement. 

Price: INR 999 

  • Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Palette

This palette offers an incredible color range and is value for money as well. It has 30 earthy tones with both shimmer and matte shades that are easy to use and blend. The shades are highly pigmented and work great for both day and night time. For some it might be expensive but considering the number of shades you get, it is a really good deal. 

Price: INR 1950 

  • Huda Beauty Nude eyeshadow palette 

If you are willing to spend some great amount of money on an eyeshadow palette then this one from Huda Beauty is the best choice. It offers a mixture of matte and shimmer shades that can be used daily. The shades are highly pigmented and are easy to work with. 

Price: INR 5375

  • Makeup Revolution 32 Eyeshadow Palette

I feel this is one of the best eyeshadow palettes under 2000 and is great for beginners and professionals both. From matte, shimmer to metallic it has 32 shades. It is highly pigmented and comes with a mirror. 

Price: INR 1750

  • M.A.C Eye Shadow X 9 range 

There are two combinations available in this one Burgundy times nine and Amber times nine. You can choose according to your shade requirement, the burgundy one has pink shades and amber one consists of natural shades. The shades are highly pigmented and the palette is a great deal. 

Price: INR 3700

  • Daily Life Forever52 palettes 

This brand has got instant popularity in India, it has quite reasonably priced products that offer good quality as well. You can go for any palette from this brand but the best deal is the 35 Color Eyeshadow Palette – FEX006. This one offers colors for all the moods. You can create a party or neutral looks with these highly pigmented shades. 

Price: INR 2499. 

Brides can also go for The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palettes, they are not available in India, but you can buy them from some authentic Instagram pages. This brand offers a great variety of colors. 

These were some reasonable and must-have eyeshadow palettes for a bride to be. Every girl knows her makeup type, so she can buy according to her choices.