How to get soft, supple and sensuous lips

Your guide to perfect lips

Healthy lips/freedigitalphotos

Lips enhance the beauty of the face and make you look attractive.  Every girl wants healthy pink lips but pays very little attention to them. Lips are soft skinned and hence need more protection in harsh summers and drying winters. We spend a good time in choosing the right lip colour, liner and gloss matching with the dress to cover the lips but nothing can beat the natural pink colour of the lips.

Read on to know few easy tips to maintain healthy lips. Don’t forget just a transparent gloss on healthy lips can do wonders to your look!

Drink lots of water: The core reason for chapped lips is dehydration. So drinks lots of water to keep your lips and body hydrated through out the day.

Exfoliate your lips: Just like face, lips too have dead cells so it’s very important to get rid of them. Simply rub sugar on your lips or brush the lips slightly with the tooth brush every morning. You can also buy  a quality lip scrub like the one from Lush cosmetics.

Apply lip balm with sunscreen : To avoid tanning on the lips use sunscreen added lip balm. This will protect your lips from the sun. An SPF 15 minimum. Some reputed brands like Mac make lipsticks which contain SPF too.

Healthy diet:  Include lots of fruits, vegetable and nutritious foods rich in Vitamins E and A in your diet for healthy lips.

Chapstick on lips
Chapstick on lips

Use good quality lipsticks: Cheap lipsticks won’t be heavy on your pocket but later in life can cause serious trouble. Always pick good quality products to refrain from discoloured lips. Go for lipsticks that contain natural moisturizing ingredients and vitamin E.

Don’t fiddle with loose skin: Never peel the dry or loose skin on the lips as it will turn your lips red and slow down the healing process.

Keep the lips moist:  It is advisable to keep the lips moist to avoid flaking. You can use a lip balm, petroleum jelly or baby oil to keep them soft and protected.

Exfoliate your lips
Exfoliate your lips

Don’t bite or lick your lips:  Saliva dries out your lips. Licking and biting removes the protective layer formed by the lip balm. which can cause trauma to your delicate skin.

Avoid smoking: Cigarette smoking is injurious for both health and lips. Tobacco causes the lips to start darkening and turn them black after some time, so for healthy pink lips it is very important to quit or avoid smoking.