Common mistakes women make in bed

Mistakes that might ruin sex

Having sex is special and sensual. Making love with the love of your life can make one a little nervous and scared. It’s absolutely normal to have different emotions going on in your head right before having sex with your man.

So we at AAW decided to tell you all 10 common mistakes that women make in bed. This will help you eliminate them and have a better experience at sex.

    1. Women worry way too much about their appearance during sex. Women being women get conscious about their looks in bed. Well just loosen up and be yourself. No one is shooting you in action.

2. Being the submissive one. It’s not only the guy’s duty to woo the girl, even the girls can sometimes take the lead. This really turns on guys. Ladies should get out of their conform zone while in bed. Sex is an act of two, so ladies should only be the submissive one but also try their hand on being the dominant one sometimes.

3. Don’t force the guy to talk after sex. The man is tired of pleasuring you. So let him rest for a while and get his energy back before you start talking.

4. Don’t hurt the man’s ego. If you don’t like something he did in bed, don’t make him feel he’s doing it wrong. Guide him rather than thrashing his ego. Sex is serious for men as well.

5. Going down on your partner again is not only for the guy. Ladies can also go down on your man. Do him this favor, because he deserves it. He is putting in hard work to please you, going down on him is the least you can do to please him.

6. Do not use teeth when going down on a man. He is not a candy that you can bite. A strict rule while having sex is “do not use your teeth”.

7. Your private parts should be well washed and hygienic. It doesn’t only go for ladies but also men. Both the partners need to be hygienic.

8. Too much drama in bed can sometime turn off your man. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moment rather than getting all emotional and dramatic about it.

9. Don’t fake it. It is peculiarly cheating if fake your orgasm. Don’t make a judgment that he is incapable, give him a chance.

10. Don’t get too comfortable. No matter how many times you have had sex, it doesn’t mean you should give in your best. So make sure you spice things up each and every time.

We hope you avoid these mistakes and make sex even more joyful and pleasurable.