Reasons to AVOID getting piercings during monsoon

Here are some reasons NOT to go for piercings during the rainy season.

Yes, getting pierced is quite an exciting makeover for many of us! Now that you have made up your mind and know what exactly you want, when should you get it done?


This is the one thing that most people don’t consider, which sometimes causes a lot of trouble. Monsoon is one season which is not the right time to get pierced. We know this is not what you want to hear but here are some reasons that will convince you to wait it out.

  • You may see swelling near the pierced area and as the blood flow increases towards the area, the humidity can make it worse.
  • There are fair chances of inflammation with weather facilitating the infection-causing bacteria in case the tools were not sanitised or cleaned properly.
  • You may experience boils which are also caused by bacteria. It is a very common occurrence during monsoons.
  • Your piercing may not be able to heal well during the monsoon.
  • You may experience rashes as well due to constant chaffing and humidity.

Here are some reasons to put off piercing during this season. If you still want to get it done  ASAP, make sure to keep the area completely dry and stay away from humidity as much as possible. Make sure to keep an eye on the wound all the time.