Lol: Mumbai Police’s post on not taking “Ricks”

Check out Mumbai police’s advisory post about not taking ‘Ricks’ & wearing masks:

The coronavirus pandemic is still affecting the world. The government is requesting people to wear a mask and maintain social distance. Following this, the police are also doing their part by asking people to wear a mask and maintain social distance. And for doing that they have been using various ways, this time Mumbai police has once again shared a quirky post that has gained everyone’s attention. 

The police tweeted on their official Twitter handle, “Don’t ‘ricks’ your safety: PSA’s for a ‘hire’ purpose! #AutoMeThikSafety #TakingOnCorona.” There are four pictures in the tweet and all have messages written on the back of an auto-rickshaw.  They are inspired by Bollywood songs. Like one says, “Life is not a race! Mointain safe distance.” The second one says“Sasural Genda Phool. Wear a mask, you look beautiphool.”

Check out the tweet:

The tweet went viral quickly, One of the users wrote, “Very creative ideas for awareness,” wrote a Twitter user. “Haha! Ricks,” 

Here are the reactions:

In Maharashtra, the government has eased the lockdown restrictions, Shops, Gyms and other places are now open but for a certain time.