Side effects of facial waxing

Here are some cons of facial waxing:

Waxing is just another type of hair removal technique and we Indian girls prefer waxing over other methods. And for getting rid of facial hair some women consider facial waxing as the best option instead of threading, bleaching and laser treatments. But it is not the best option, it causes many problems and is painful. Before going for facial waxing consider its side effects:

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  • Ingrown hair

Though ingrown hair is associated with shaving these can occur with waxing also. If the hair roots don’t completely come out through waxing and the hair shaft breaks below the skin then you might get ingrown hair. These hairs will make your face look dull and bad.

  • Redness

Waxing on the face might cause mild redness and irritation. You would have noticed that the freshly waxed skin is red and is sensitive to touch. Your everyday products may also burn the face after waxing, you must avoid using them for a few days.

  • Pimples

With facial waxing, your hair will be gone but now you will be left with a pimple or even a breakout. They develop on the pores where the hairs and roots are removed. It happens because the follicle is more prone to bacteria.

  • Sunburn

As your skin is compromised due to waxing it is advised to never go in the sun right after waxing. After waxing your skin is photosensitive and has the potential to sunburn even with less sun exposure. Always apply sunscreen before going out.

  • Allergic reactions

Depending on the different ingredients in face wax products you might have an allergic reaction to them. Before trying it on the face, try it on the hand and remove hair as instructed. Use it only if there is no rashes and irritation after use. Don’t use face wax if you notice any kind of redness, and itchiness after testing it.

Facial Waxing also leads to the hard hair growth, which looks bad on the face. Consider twice before getting the facial wax done.