Tips to revitalise your skin post vacation



The high salt content of sea water dehydrate the skin and make it look parched and wrinkled. Team AAW tells you skin care regimen post vacation  for healthy skin.

Never break away from the C-T-M routine:

Continue with your regular cleansing, toning, moisturising routine. Although one is back from the beach, a sunscreen should be used regularly to protect the skin from the high UV index.

Summer essentials
Summer essentials

Don’t be the doc, visit one:

If you have come back with a sunburn, it is advisable to see a dermatologist. They will be able to prescribe creams to cut down the inflammation early so that there is no chance of the skin healing with pigmentation.

Home spun masks:
A face pack containing anything sour in the kitchen like yoghurt, vinegar or lime juice may be used in combination with gram flour, sandalwood powder or fullers earth. The acidic nature of the sour ingredient works as a natural peel and helps take the tan away. The same pack can be applied on arms, legs, hands and feet to get rid of the tan naturally and gently.

Know your skin and avoid certain skin treatments:
Some skin treatments like LASERs have a high complication rate when performed on tanned skin. These treatments should be avoided until the tan subsides. Treatments like a mild chemical peel, a photofacial or microdermabrasion can help reduce the tan and may be recommended by the dermatologist.

Sterilise the skin:
A gentle soothing moisturiser should be applied generously all over the face and the body. This will help in skin healing. A urea based moisturiser can help keep the feet, elbows and knuckles soft and well hydrated. Lipbalm should be used regularly and a gentle lip scrub may be used beforehand to take away any dead cells. Some people have a tendency to develop a burn on the lip. If this is the case, then a dermatologist should be consulted who may prescribe some steroid or anti-inflammatory cream.

Hydration is the key:
Drink plenty of clear oral fluids like water, coconut water etc to keep the body hydrated and cool.

Colour your diet:
Eat plenty of brightly coloured fresh fruits and vegetables. The high dose of anti-oxidants will promote healing of the skin.
Get Detoxed:
Most people would have had excess alcohol during the holidays. It is better to avoid alcohol and let the body detox for a week to ten days.

Sweat it out to glow:
An active healthy lifestyle of exercising regularly and getting adequate rest at night will help the mind stay relaxed and will help the skin to heal.