Struggles of wearing high heels!

Some of the struggles that every girl faces while wearing high heels :

We girls love high heels as they make us look pretty and feel feminine. A  sexy pair of heels can uplift your boring outfit and make you look stunning. But the struggles of wearing high heels are all too real as they are pleasure with pain. There is a famous saying that keep your head and heels high but carrying high heels is hard. Read on to know why and  what all goes in our mind while wearing them

    1. Walking is a task

Walking in heels is a task and after sometime you get  tired and all you want is to just sit and relax.

  1. Inviting blisters

Your toe feels numb as there is a loss of blood circulation after you remove heels and drum rolls, you see those tiny blisters on your feet which can be painful too.

    1. Your mind shouts to take them off

You cannot think beyond them. In your mind you just calculate the time left in getting rid of them.

  1. Driving- not an option!

Carrying an extra pair of footwear is all you can do as high heels doesn’t let you drive your car. Comfortless beauty!

5. Regret!

You do regret choosing those heels over wedges. Wedges are certainly a more comfortable option and you feel sorry for ditching them.

6. Rest

 You stand on one leg at a time to give your other foot a break.


You promise yourself of not wearing them again.

8. Decision

Good heels will always be so much more expensive and the decision to buy or not is a tough one.

Well, in the end, all this is worth for those beautiful babies of yours.