Ways to get rid of prickly hair caused by shaving 

Check out some ways to get rid of prickly hair caused by frequent shaving: 

We all have done it many times, but we never thought that we will shave a million times this year due to lockdown and other safety reasons as well. We all spent this quarantine shaving our legs and arms. Shaving is not bad but the hair grows back very quickly and harder. This surely annoys every girl and if this wasn’t enough then parlor wali didi ka reaction would: “ arey didi ye kya karlia”? 

Haha, but don’t worry here are some ways you can make your hair soft again. Shaving is one of the easiest ways to remove hair but it also makes air hard. Check out some ways to get rid of prickly hair caused by frequent shaving:  

  • Let them grow 

When you wax not all your hair grows back at the same time, but when you shave, they grow quickly and that too prickly. If you want your hair to become soft again, wait for them to grow properly. 

  • Body scrub and lotion 

Using a body scrub and application of lotion will make your hair feel softer. When your hair is growing back, make sure you scrub the skin and apply body lotion. 

  • Get waxed multiple times 

It took me a few waxing sessions for my hair to feel soft again. I would suggest you too, get waxing done twice a month.

  • Moisturizer 

After shaving apply moisturizer or sunscreen on the shaved area. This will make the hair soft.