Is it safe to consume Aloe Vera?

Here is what you should know about consuming aloe vera safely.

Aloe Vera is being used since an early age and has gained trust as the most useful plant for both health and beauty. Many skincare products contain aloe vera extracts and their use helps reduce inflammation, scars and even soothes the skin.

The benefits of aloe vera are well known but coming to the consumption, is it safe to have it as it is? It is generally safe to consume aloe vera but which parts can you eat and in which form? Let’s find out.

Source- Forever Aloe vera

The leaf: There is no evidence that suggests that aloe vera leaves can’t be consumed. However, make sure that it is thoroughly washed and cleaned before you have a bite.

The Gel: Yes, you can consume the gel as well but not the one scooped out of skincare products. You can extract it from the plant directly.

Latex: No, it is unsafe to consume the latex part as it contains toxins.

Here is what you should know about consuming aloe vera and no matter which forms you are consuming, clean it well and make sure it is free of chemicals.