What is skin fasting? Should you do it?

Check out what is skin fasting and should you try it? 

Over the last year, we have seen a lot of new skincare trends, and there is one more edition. There is one more way to have glowing skin and it is skin fasting. You need to let your skin breathe in order to get a natural glow. Skin fasting implies the concept of detoxifying your skin to let it function more effectively and enhance its natural radiance. Before you decide to try it, here is everything about it: 

What is skin fasting? 

Skin fasting is reducing the usage of products and treatments on your face for some time. Or you can simply call it, not using your daily moisturizer or not doing your entire skincare regime. The idea is to set the skin free of treatments and ingredients to allow the skin to reset. So, you give up using any skincare product for a day, week, or month and allow your skin to reset its natural functions and heal. 

How to do it:

Stop using any kind of product for a few weeks or you can choose not to use any skincare product at night. Check out the guide:

  • Start washing your face at night 
  • Do not apply skincare products to let your skin breathe freely 
  • The next morning, wash your face with lukewarm water. This will ensure that the natural oils stay on the face.

Dos and Don’ts :

  • It is important to keep your skin hydrated from inside and outside, especially when you are trying skin fasting. Drink as much water as you can. 
  • Do not do it more than once a week 
  • Don’t do skin fasting if you are undergoing any skin treatment
  • You know your skin better, so stop when you don’t feel right. 

Benefits of skin fasting: 

Doing skin fasting means letting your skin breathe naturally. When you are using skincare products, it is not able to produce natural oils. Skin fasting can be great if you are using a lot of products and unsure about how each product is reacting to your skin. Skin fasting also helps your skin to heal. 

Who should do skin fasting? 

If you use a lot of skincare products and makeup, then skin fasting is recommended for you to allow your skin to heal. 

Skin fasting is just like a vacation for your skin.