2020 effect: Sonu Sood is being offered main lead in movies

Sonu Sood shares he has been getting hero roles after his philanthropic work in 2020.

Sonu Sood has been in news this year for helping out people and was also on the ’50 Asian Celebrities List’ for his philanthropic work during the lockdown. The actor shared that this year has changed a lot for him both, personally and professionally and the roles he is being offered now are different.

Sonu Sood has been seen in movies like ‘Dabangg’, ‘RRajkumar’, and many more but now is being offered hero roles in upcoming movies.

“I am getting all hero roles now. I have got four-five brilliant scripts. Let’s hope… It’s new beginnings, new innings, it is a new pitch and it will be nice fun.” said Sonu during one of his interviews.

He also opened up about why he helped so many people during the lockdown and said that it was his parents’ guidance and he wanted to connect with people. His inner voice guided him and he started listening.