28 Menstruating women cook at ‘Period Fest’, Delhi

A Group of women cooked food at ‘Period Fest’ to bust myths surrounding menstruation.

There are many misconceptions surrounding menstruation and women have fought long and hard to normalize this bodily activity. One such myth that some people still believe is that menstruating women should not cook food.

Dr. Surbhi Singh, founder of NGO Sacchi Saheli organized a ‘Period Fest’ to bust the myth surrounding menstruation.28 menstruating women cooked and served food to over 500 people. Swami Krushnaswarup, a religious leader said: “menstruating women who cook food for their husbands will take birth as dogs in their next life while men consuming food prepared by women having periods will reborn as bullocks.” and his statement was insensitive enough to spark a response.

Dr. Surbhi Singh said, “That is when I decided to highlight this subject by declaring that we are eating the food made by menstruating women and it doesn’t make any difference by eating this food.”

Here are the pictures from this event: