Tips to have stress-free Exams!

Tips to bid goodbye to stress when exams knock your door

Anxiety and panic are often synonymous with exams. Students face anxiety and panic situations as soon as exam days come closer. One does not need to panic as preparations prior to exams and taking care of some points timely would keep you remain stress-free and give you perfect results. Have a look at these points as they would help to keep away the stress of exams.


Eat healthy

Eating the right and hygienic thing at the time of exams is quite important. Healthy food is what keeps you free from stomach disorders, diseases, freshens mood and keeps you ready for the test.

Say No to Hangovers

Hangovers a night before exams are dangerous. It can lead to dozing off during exams, stomach pain, a problem in focusing and not being able to write. So, hangovers should be avoided for sure.

Study strategically

Strategy matters a lot. The strategy makes you understand what has to be done for better performance. It reduces panic situations if worked well and accordingly. For example, solving question papers, its time limit, learning within time and much more.



Meditation improves your clarity. If you are a person who lacks focus and faces distractions continuously during studies, meditation is for you. Always give some time to meditation as it is good for health and for focusing on studies.

Avoid studying new stuff right before exams

Never study new stuff right before the exams because it will not give you extra information but rather confuse you about what you have already studied. Revise what you know to give it perfectness as confusion is too dangerous for exams.

Tiny Breaks

Breaks are necessary as it reduces the anxiety and pressure of studies. Breaks of 5 to 10 minutes after every 1 or 2 hours will keep you fresh and also keeps alive the zeal to continue studying.

Plan and be confident of it


Planning your studies and making a routine is very beneficial as you know when and what to do, it’s just that you need to implement the work plan daily as scheduled.

Focus and avoid distractions

Checking social sites continuously, answering consecutive calls, and discussing too much with friends is seriously a bad idea as it leads to distraction. You need to be focused, so avoid phone for some time. Make a time of studying when phone and other talks are not allowed as it is the commitment that would bring you the final success.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated
Stay hydrated

During preparations you need to be hydrated as hampering your health right between the exams is not a good idea. Water intake helps to be free of anxiety so always keep a bottle full with you.

Good sleep

If you think waking up all night would surprisingly bring you success, then you’re wrong. One always needs to make preparations from Day 1. So, keep studying regularly and sleeping at the right time is the best way to keep anxiety at stray.