Adar “Poonawalla” triggers meme fest on social media 

Check out why Adar Poonawalla is triggering memes on the internet: 

Adar Poonawala,  the Chief Executive Officer Serum Institute of India is in the headlines for quite a few days now. His name is now trending on social media as people are making memes on it. He is currently in London and claims that he has recently been granted Y-level security cover, told a British newspaper about getting aggressive calls and life threats in India from powerful people including “Chief Ministers, and others” for the Covid-19 vaccine Covishield.

Though, this is not the reason why he is trending on Twitter. It started when author Naomi Datta tweeted a few using his name. 

She tweeted: “If Adar Poonawala moved to Mumbai & wanted to live a regular, middle-class life he could be called Dadar Poonawala,”.  The tweet caught the attention of people and soon the name became fodder for memes. 

As SII is falling short of meeting the increased vaccine demand in India, many also highlighted the situation and shared their concerns with creative memes.

Check out the memes below: