How to help others in these tough times 

Check out some ways to be there for each other in these tough covid-19 pandemic times: 

India is fighting the second wave of coronavirus pandemic. While we cannot meet someone and support them physically but there are many other ways to do so. Since social media is a powerful medium so you can use it to help others as even a little help can save someone’s life. If we come together as a family and support each other during these difficult times, then we can ensure that everyone goes through it smoothly. So here are some ways to support each other in these tough times. Check them out below:

  • Verify resources before you share them with someone needy 
  • Provide food to covid patients, if any family is suffering from the virus, you can help them by giving food. 
  • Make donations in verified NGO 

  • Keep paying your salary to your house help even if you are not calling them. The same goes for any person who works for you. 
  • Do not spread fake news, verify before forwarding it to others 
  • If you can, then please donate plasma and ask others to do so 
  • Support charities and emergency appeals (donate food and clothes) 
  • Help homeless people 

  • Make full use of social media for helping others and spreading the word for them 
  • Check-in elderly neighbors
  • Keep checking on people in self-isolation 
  • Share positive news and acts of kindness with your community
  • Contact people who may be struggling with mental health issues