Ananya Panday’s schoolmate shares shocking secrets

Check out what Ananya Panday’s schoolmate revealed about the actress:

Chunkey Panday’s daughter Ananya Panday recently made her debut in Bollywood with Karan Johar’s Student of The Year 2. And since then there has been a lot of buzz around her, not about the movie but for her academics. Yes, right.

Ananya during the promotions bragged about getting admission in the University of Southern California. She said she had to reject the offer because of her Bollywood debut. Her mother also confirmed the same in an FB post.

Now her schoolmate, named AnnieePee on Instagram has claimed that she has been lying about the academics, as per her she is faking admission into USC.

So, here it is, Ananya gets called out by a school mate for saying that she got a seat at USC which she did not. It was publicized by her mother on it and in her interviews. Then she threatens the gal who exposed her on Instagram.

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Anieeepeee, on Instagram, said that Ananya and her friends have been talking bad about her on purpose. She said she wouldn’t get involved in the spat, but would just disclose the truth. She said she hates “people who claim to be hardworking but in reality, they haven’t done anything to get to where they are today.”

Not only had this but she always made a revelation that Ananya Panday used to cheat on boys.

Source: Indiatimes
Source indiatimes

When Anieeepeee made the confession on social media, she apparently received messages from Ananya Panday’s official Instagram, in which she apologized and asked her to delete her posts.

Apparently, the posts have been deleted but have been reposted by Twitter. The posts went viral quickly.

Meanwhile, commenting on the entire incident, Chunkey Pandey said he wasn’t aware of the social media buzz around his daughter’s education. “Yes, she got into two universities but did not go because she got the film… I don’t think she will be going to university now. She will be working in Bollywood now,” he said.