Arya Stark is the new queen, Twitter hails her

Twitter Has found Its New Queen All Hail Arya Stark, check out why people are hailing her:

A big spoiler ahead, if you haven’t watched the episode 3 of season 8 and this is going to be a piece of big and shocking news for you. Oh My God!  This is how episode 3 can be described. Arya Stark just killed the Night King, yes she killed the leader of the dead. And this means Twitter has lost it.

This season is full of surprises, like literally, who would have thought Arya will kill the Night King.

Check out the tweets below:


It took 55 nights to shoot the biggest battle at winter fell, and all this is telecasted in 88 minutes long episode. It is a massive battle that has ever happened in the show. The final season is seriously giving us Goosebumps.  We wait to see what happens next and who finally sits on the throne.