Bharat Sena marries off two dogs to “Condemn” social media

Check out people’s reaction to Bharat Sena marrying off two dogs on V-Day:

While Valentine’s Day spree is going on in full swing around the world for seven days in a row, a bizarre incident of ‘condemnation’ in Coimbatore took place recently and the internet was in shock.

In another ‘protest’ against Valentine’s Day, often viewed as a ‘cultural degradation’ for certain right-wing organizations, two dogs were seen being married off by the party members of right-wing fringe outfit Bharat Sena.

Around 10 people came together holding orange flags, who decided to marry off a domesticated male German shepherd dog and a Pomeranian female dog with garlands tied around their necks.

Among the crowd, a man was also spotted posing as a priest and performing some rituals to complete the wedding.

The video of the incident was shared on Twitter, a journalist posted it with a caption: Members of Bharat Sena marrying two dogs off in Coimbatore on Wednesday condemning Valentine’s Day celebrations in the city.”

The clip quickly got attention and received strong criticism from netizens, who besides expressing their distress over such a foolish act, also trolled the party organization.

Check out the reactions below:

Last year the people of the same group ran amok in many places picketing couples on V-day.