Bigg Boss: Mahira slammed for comments on Siddharth

Check out why Twitterati is angry at Mahira Sharma:

It seems like this year’s Bigg Boss is just about fights and arguments. Same is the case with Siddharth Shukla and Mahira Sharma, they have been loggerheads for quite some time now. Fans of Bigg Boss 13 are attacking Mahira Sharma on social media ever since she won the ticket to finale.

In a recent task in the house, Mahira falls and gets hurt after bumping into Siddharth. She made a big deal out of it because of which Bigg Boss punished him by nominating him for the next two weeks.

Mahira and Siddarth’s fight worsened and she started calling him a ’40-year-old buddha’. Mahira also commented that even her parents are younger than him. Fans are trolling her on Twitter and supporting Siddharth.

Source missmalini
Source missmalini

#WeSupportSidharthShukla and #MahiraKaun are trending on twitter. A viewer tweeted saying, “I literally dont know how #SidhartShukla was listening to all those verbal abuse,threats and age jokes! Like seriously #BB13 has lost all its charms by bringing such fake feminists in the house!”

Another one wrote, “I am so disappointed from #bigboss13 Mahira n all housemates abusing #SidhartShukla and mentally torching him,why at least make game n give them power too”.

Check out some of the tweets below:

Siddharth is getting too much support on social media since the starting and fans are also asking Salman Khan to address the age shaming issues.