Recycle your old cosmetics

Eye Shadows/weheartit
Eye Shadows/weheartit

Don’t we all get bored of last season’s ‘in’ lipsticks and those dried up nail paints? But it is difficult to throw out expensive products, so here are some solutions to help you use them a bit longer.

Lipsticks: After buying that expensive red lipstick you realise it is not your shade and you will never touch it? Here are a few ways to add a lease of life to your old or unused lipsticks:

Use as a blush: Dab some lipstick on your cheeks and apply it with a blush brush.

Make a new colour: Mix two shades of lipstick or add an eyeshadow to create a different hue.

Make a lipbalm: Mix 1/3 of your lipstick and some Vaseline in a small jar (the old lipbalm tubs are the best) and microwave for 30 seconds to over a minute. Mix after every 10 seconds. Refrigerate and use once it is cool.

Eye shadows: Break some eye shadow (or blush) and now it is all loose and won’t stick in the pan. Mix some vodka (or rubbing alcohol) in the pan and place the broken pieces in it. Now apply a cling film and press downwards. Let it dry overnight and viola your eye shadow is back to its former self!

Gel eyeliners: Gel eyeliners usually dry up quickly. The best way is to microwave them for 30 seconds on low heat and get them back to their original texture.

Nail Polish: Nailpaints usually dry up quickly. Add a few drops of nail polish remover and shake the bottle well to get your nailpaint back to its former glory.

You can add chunky glitter or eyeshadow pigments to lighter shades to make your unique polish.

Bronzer: Find the bronzer too dark? Or it is too little to be used? Add the remaining bronzer to your moisturiser for that glowy skin. Alternatively you can also crush and add brown, golden or silver eyeshadows.

Of oils, packs, mascaras and lip glosses: The end products are always difficult to use. Soak your nearly-over oil, face pack, mascara or lip gloss in hot water for 2 minutes. Remove and shake, the product will have now melted and be easier to use!

 These are some ways to reuse your old cosmetics, do share if you know of any more ideas.