#Covidiot is the new term for people defying curfews

Netizens have coined the term Covidiot to describe people defying curfews. Take a look at the tweets here.

People are calling out the ones who are not adhering to the curfew rules that have been placed to control the transmission of the Corona Virus. 

The number of cases in India has been increasing and there are still some people who are not cooperating. A word #Covidiot has been coined by the netizens to describe these actions. 

It is a combination of the word COVID-19 and Idiot. Indians are using this word to describe the actions of people who came out on the streets after PM Modi asked people to clap for emergency and health workers who have been working to treat patients. However, it was to be done from their balconies and did not require gathering in large groups. 

Here are some popular posts to take a look at.

Nationwide quarantine has been announced around the world as the number of cases has been increasing. COVID-19 has affected 3 lakh people so far and has been declared a pandemic.