Chinese news anchor’s monologue about coronavirus goes viral

Check out the video of a Chinese news anchor discussing what works against the coronavirus.

Coronavirus outbreak has affected the whole world and nations are trying to figure out effective measures that can contain the virus. A CGTV news anchor talked about the steps taken by China to fight the coronavirus. 

Anchor in the video Zou Yue said that China is one its way to end this battle against COVID-19, a disease that has affected many people and caused thousands of deaths in only a few months. 

China fighting coronavirus
Source: Reuters

He claims that China has adopted strict quarantine measures and also expresses how this virus has no regard for any cultural values or political views. 

“Facing the pandemic, it is not what happened matters, it is how we respond,” he says in the video. 

China has been under the lockdown for about 2 months now and the healthcare professionals and doctors have been working endlessly to fight this virus. No vaccine has been developed till now, the doctors are depending on the immune system of patients to fight this virus. 

He also said “China imposed the largest and most draconian quarantine in history. Factories shut, public transport stopped and people stayed indoors. By doing that, it flattened the curve; on one hand, China avoided many millions of cases and tens of thousands of deaths. On the other, it stretched out the time and makes the hospitals re-staffed and less strained.”

The video was released on 19th March 2020, after China recorded zero new domestic cases of coronavirus.