Diljit and Kangana are in a Twitter fight, again!

Diljit & Kangana Engage In Another Twitter Fight After The Singer Releases New Song Praising Rihanna:

We all are aware of what is going on social media these days, that global music icon Rihanna tweeted yesterday, asking people why enough of them are not talking about the farmers’ protests currently happening in India. 

This was a very big deal and her tweet went viral on Twitter. And she was also subjected to a lot of trolling. 

Though there were also many who came out in her support, and one of them was Diljit Dosanjh, who released a song titled Riri today. 

After commenting on Rihanna’s post, Kangana also did not like Dilijit’s song.The actor put allegations on people she chooses to call ‘libru’, saying that dissent against farm laws is planned.

She said: “They also need to earn a rupee or two. Since when have you been planning this? It takes at least a month to release a song, and libru (a short derogatory term for liberal) want us to believe it’s all organic. Ha ha,” Ms Ranaut tweeted in Hindi sharing Mr Dosanjh’s ‘Riri’ post.

Like before, Diljit did not stay silent, he said: that he can totally make a song in half an hour.

After which, Kangana went on her Khalistan rant and Diljit just kept telling her not to bore him.

The war of words started again!