Does Akshay Kumar drink cow urine regularly?

Here is why Akshay Kumar drinks cow urine regularly.

The benefits of cow urine are often discussed as Indians often use it in their rituals.  The cow urine is believed to have many medicinal properties and its potential to cure many ailments is widely recognized. Recently, Akshay Kumar revealed that he drinks cow urine regularly for ayurvedic reasons and received a mixed reaction.

Akshay shared his experience of being on Bear Grylls’ show ‘Man Vs Wild’ and was asked how could he manage to have elephant poop tea.

“I wasn’t worried. I was too excited to be worried. I have cow urine because of ayurvedic reasons every day, so that was okay.” said Akshay Kumar, and people were quick to react. Here is what they had to say and how everyone reacted to this revelation.

Would you drink cow urine for its health benefits?