Doordarshan turns 60 & the internet is all nostalgic

The internet remembers golden days as Doordarshan turns 60:

The 90 kids are getting nostalgic. Do you remember the time when you finished your homework asap to watch TV? Before the melodrama TV series, there were shows like Shaktiman, Shrimaan Shrimati and Maldugi days, which made our days more fun and exciting.

Do you know? India’s first television service provider Doordarshan was established on 15th Sep, 1959.

Doordarshan the autonomous public broadcaster was founded by the Government of India as an experiment, but slowly it touched everyone’s hearts. The programs would only be telecasted twice a week for an hour every day and we honestly waited for that throughout the day.

The daily transmission began in 1965 as a part of ALl India Radio with a five-minute news bulletin.

On this occasion people got nostalgic and shared what Doordarshan meant to them:

Check out their reactions below: