Dust storm & earthquake in Delhi prompts memes

The attitude of 2020, dust storm followed by earthquake prompts memes online:

Once again nature showed her fury on Delhi on Sunday, this is what Twitter has been talking about after a dust storm followed by an earthquake struck the capital. The incidents have triggered various memes and reactions on social media with many trying to understand the situation.

Firstly Delhi witnessed a dust storm accompanied by strong winds and hail storm in the few areas. The storm as then followed by an earthquake, the third one in less than a month, according to the National Center Seismology.

The unpredictable weather in the city provoked many people to take to social media and express their concerns when the country is already dealing with the novel coronavirus. Though some people also took the opportunity to make creative memes and they will leave you in splits.

Check them out below:

What else is left to happen in 2020?