Five men asked to do “Murga Walk” for not wearing a mask

5 Men Made To Do ‘Murga Walk’ By Mumbai Police for not wearing a mask: 

“Murga Walk” I remember this term from the school, it was a classic punishment given in Indian schools. While in western culture, kids are often ‘grounded’, we are told to do the infamous ‘murga walk’. Recently, a video of five men being paraded by the Mumbai Police at Marine Drive has gone viral on social media and triggered mixed reactions online. The 30-second viral clip features a group of men being made to squat and walk at Marine Drive promenade for not wearing face masks.

The clip was also shared by business tycoon Anand Mahindra, who was reminded of his school days after watching the video.

“Face mask rule violators at Marine Drive in Mumbai being made to do a ‘Murga’ walk as punishment by Mumbai Police’. Received on my ‘SignalWonderbox.’ A common punishment in the boarding school I attended. Comical, but physically taxing. I certainly won’t forget my mask!!” the businessman wrote.

Here is the video:

The clip has got over one lakh views and has got mixed reactions from the netizens. While many are praising the policemen for coming up with a creative punishment, others are wondering if a “carwallah or CEO” would be made to do something on similar lines.

Police said: “There is a legal provision for action on every violation and that’s the only punitive action that can be taken. The matter is being enquired by senior officers and necessary action will be definitely taken,”.

Check out how people reacted: