Harbhajan Singh’s pic of “Modern Thali” impresses netizens 

Harbhajan Singh shares a picture of “Modern Thali” with space for a phone, check it out below: 

This generation is one that is completely addicted to mobile phones. From checking our phones the first things in the morning to scrolling through social media the last thing before falling asleep. Our phones have also pissed off our moms as well. If we were not guilty enough of using our phone the whole day, we surely are guilty of checking them while eating. Some of us have even dropped our phone into a bowl of daal sometimes. For phone addicts like us, Harbhajan Singh dedicated a picture of a “modern thali”, the one which has a separate compartment to keep a phone so one can surf through it while having a meal. 

Check out his tweet:


People were impressed by the “Modern thali”. Many asked where they can buy it, while others claimed that this was the perfect solution for phone addicts: 

Who wants this thali?