Hema Malini’s “sweeping” video starts a meme fest!

Hema Malini becomes the target of the meme as she takes part in swacch Bhart Abhiyan:

Actor turned politician Hema Malini took part in a cleanliness drive within Parliament premises. In the video, she really tries hard to sweep the road, but couldn’t. And this attracted quick response from people. While some said it was overacting some wanted to know where the kachra was?

Just like the ceremonial Swachh Bharat programs happened earlier, this one also included a press meet and a photo opportunity showing the MPs sweeping the roads inside the Parliament. While the actor’s colleagues and fellow member of Parliament Anurag Thakur are seen sweeping the road, Hema Malini is seen struggling with the broom.

Check out the video below:


We must say Hema Malini’s act to promote the Swacch Bharat Campaign was not up to the mark.

People instantly started making memes, check out the best ones below: