New Zealand won our hearts, Indians love team NZ

England may have won the World Cup, but New Zeland won hearts, Indians pay tribute to Kiwis:

Sunday’s clash between England and New Zealand was one of the epic World Cup final match. The two teams who did not win World Cup title in 44 years faced off with each other and obviously it wasn’t going to be easy. And that is what happened first tie and then the first ever super over in the history of World Cup. England won the match and New Zealand won our hearts.

The heartbreaking defeat of the Kiwis and the original deserving team of the tournament has broken many hearts around the world. And a lot of them are Indians as well.

Even after defeating India in the semi-finals, Indian totally wanted the black caps to win. The support India has given to Kane Williamson and New Zealand is just unbelievable.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

As per a lot of Indians it’s the skipper Kane Williamson’s cool, calm, and collected attitude in crisis games is what makes the New Zealand favorites, at least in India. His sportsmanship along with the team’s stunning all-round display on the field has made the team the tournament favorite and the final an “India + New Zealand vs England” affair.

Not ignoring the fact that England won as a result of the sincerely fought match, Indians were left shocked. Fans tweeted in support of New Zealand expressing their anger, sadness and love everything at once.

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