Gold or property: Where to freeze the deal?

What is worth the investment: Gold or property?

Gold or propertyWhile buying than shiny ornament seems like a good investment, there are other options women must consider. Read on to know more:

Indian women of today are more self-dependent than ever before as a larger number are stepping out from the hearth and joining the workforce. They are making more self-sufficient choices like marrying at later ages and living single. At the same time, they are absolutely capable of taking financial decisions. But at a time, we face a lot of confusion regarding choosing the right investment area. Is it some gold jewelry or a piece of land?

These days the government is actually printing out money as if it grows on trees. This surely causes some serious inflation at a point. This inflation will cause the price of gold to rise significantly and never forget the fact that gold never really loses its style. It is easily disposed.

So, if you are looking for a short term investment, go for gold, because, with real estate, the process is a little more dragged, and talking ideally, long-term appreciation is a better choice because:

  1. You lose money during resale and exchange of this yellow precious metal. The best way to purchase gold as an investment is in bullion or gold coins.

When it comes to property, apartments are easy to maintain as societies nowadays take burden of care on themselves. An additional benefit is rental income which is continuous in nature and I guess you have heard this before: ‘Real Estate is an appreciating asset’.

  1. There is no tax saving advantages while buying gold, as opposed to marvelous benefits on investing in property.
  1. Jewellery is a less risky investment when you are doing this for business purpose, as it has gradually increased over the years and any downgrading in the market value has been minor. It has lesser instability factor and easy to trade in the marketplace. Real Estate is a bit tougher as an investment to do business.

So, if you finally decided where to put your money then never overlook that any investment requires a lot of in-depth study of rules and regulations, orderly paperwork and comparison of multiple options before finalizing the perfect one. Never hesitate to seek for professional help, especially in the case of legal affairs. Lastly, make sure you can afford the down payment and EMIs before you freeze the deal!