Hina Khan slammed for dancing during Ramzan

Hina Khan Questioned on Religious Beliefs :

This is not for the first time that Hina Khan got slammed on social media. She had already been trolled twice this month, and again people showed their hatred on social media for her dancing during Ramzan.

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Recently the actor has posted a dancing video of her wearing a deep neck black blouse with metallic tassel sleeves on Instagram. She looks quite happy in the video, but she hardly had an idea how she will get in trouble because of this shimmy dancing. Soon after she uploaded this video, people questioned her on her religious beliefs. She got trolled by comments like “Ramzan ka to lehaz karti tum.” and “Ramadan ka mahina h kuch to sharam Karo hina roze rakh nahi rahi hogi kam se kam rozo ka ehtaram hi karlo.”

Some people even commented “U r doing wrong everything related to Islam its Ramadhan the month of ibadat at least try to respect it.” Inspite of getting these hate comments Hina took a bold step and fighted back by uploading more pictures saying she is proud of what she is doing.