Irani girl arrested for posting dance video on Instagram

Checkout how people came forward to protest against Islamic government:

A 19-year-old girl in Iran posted her dance video on Instagram and was arrested for it!  This resulted in a huge outcry on social media as not just Iranians but also people around the globe came forward to protest against the Islamic government and slammed them for putting the young dancer and gymnast behind the bars.  Maedeh Hojabri from Iran recorded her dance videos without the mandatory headscarf and later was detained by the police. As per a report by AP, the state TV later broadcasted a video saying she broke moral norms but it was not her intention as she was only trying to gain more followers.

All over social media there were protests and campaigns to free the young artist. Many people said it was “ridiculous” to arrest someone for just dancing and loving their passion. Here is how people came forward to support Maedeh Hojabri: