Kapil Sharma unhappy with paparazzi’s behavior

Kapil Sharma was seen being taken away in a wheelchair.

Kapil Sharma the popular comedian and host of  ‘ The Kapil Sharma Show’ was seen exiting on a wheelchair from Mumbai Airport. The paparazzi took notice and started to take pictures.

Kapil Sharma did not like the unwanted attention and lashed out at the people who were taking pictures while he was being driven away on the wheelchair.

The paparazzi did not like Kapil’s behavior and were quite upset as he even abused them and wasn’t polite to them. Apart from pictures, a video was also made while Kapil Sharma was talking to the people and asking them to back off.

The reason for him being in a wheelchair is still unknown as no one has confirmed why he was being taken away like that. Here is the video shared on social media in which Kapil’s reaction was recorded.

There are also speculations that The Kapil Sharma show will be going off-air temporarily as there is no audience allowed during the show and movie promotions have also been halted.