People share heart-touching stories of supportive parents

Netizens Tweet heartwarming stories Of supportive parents, check them out below: 

Desi parents can sometimes be pushy about some matters like good marks, good job, and marriage. But they are also the ones who always support us no matter what, there are many parents that let their kids go, have their own aspirations and dreams, and have let them live their lives on their own terms.

We are talking about this because many people online are sharing heartwarming stories of how their parents have been an incredible support to them. It is a blessing to have supportive parents. It started when one Twitter user highlighted that having parents who don’t pressurize you to get married is a blessing.

Reacting to this many people shared stories about how their parents support them for marriage, jobs, kids, education, and asked them to take their time. Take a look:

I hope every parent supports their child when needed.