‘Khaali Peeli’ makers changed ‘Beyonce’ song lyrics to this!

Here is what ‘Khaali Peeli’ makers have changed their controversial song lyrics to.

After being accused of having racist lyrics, Khaali Peeli makers changed the song ‘Beyonce Sharma Jayegi’ to ‘Beyonse Sharma Jayegi’. The video of the song featured the new titled and it has received over 1 million dislikes on YouTube.

To fix this situation, the song makers decided to change the lyrics to ‘Dunia Sharma Jayegi’. Beyonce has trademarked her name and as per reports, the songwriters did not seek permission before using her name and that can land them in legal trouble. The song has been rewritten to avoid legal implications.

People reacted to this step and shared a piece of their mind on Twitter. Here is what everyone had to say:

What do you think of this change?