Railway station makes social distancing circles triggers memes

West Bengal railway station placed social distancing circles in funniest places, inspires memes on the internet: 

If you are visiting public places such as markets, malls, and railway stations in recent times, then you would know that authorities have taken measures to follow social distancing. There are circles drawn at a distance for people to ensure that there is a safe distance between everyone. Recently, a railway station in West Bengal oddly places circles to enforce social distancing and the pictures have triggered a meme fest on social media. 

The location of some of these circles was pretty unusual. While some were drawn under the staircase, others were drawn over two steps on a staircase. 

A person even got himself photographed standing in some of the circles that were in the strangest locations, which in turn inspired memes and jokes on social media:

A person got himself clicked while standing at the funny social distancing circles. Check out the pictures below:  

Is this the spot to draw circles?

As soon as the pictures were posted on Twitter, the comment section was filled with memes and jokes. 

Check out the funny ones below: 

The person-in-charge of this activity surely deserves some points for creativity.