Kylie Jenner crashes Snapchat’s stocks!

Kylie’s comments about the new Snap design sinks the company’s shares!

The queen bee of internet and definitely the crowned queen who made Snapchat famous just tweeted how much she hates the all-new version! Yes, Kylie Jenner like the rest of us has hated the new design rollout by Snapchat and like many influencers, she has given up on the social media platform.

Her tweet to her 24.5 million fans resulted in Snap’s shares to sink a solid 8 percent.Snap chat is already facing tough competition from Insta Stories and the new design has created a further rift. As many as 1 million people have signed an online petition demanding Snapchat to roll back the new design which the company is adamant about keeping!

Let’s not forget that Kylie earns millions from her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. She is the uncrowned queen of the ‘stories’ and here is how tweeteratis reacted to her tweet: