Liquor shops sell chilled and ‘thandi’ Beer at different price 

Liquor shop sells “chilled beer” at INR 140 but “Thandi Beer” at INR 150, twitter reacts to this: 

We all love discounts, whether it is bargaining or collecting discount coupons, we are always in search of the best deals in the market. So, no matter how old we are, buy one get one free, and even a little discount will always make us happy. 

However, in a bizarre discount offer, one desi liquor shop is selling “chilled beer” for Rs 140 but “Thandi beer” for Rs 150. A picture of the banner is going viral on the internet. 

Now, people on the internet are scratching their heads to find out what the price difference means. Whereas some suggested that the price difference has something to do with the different levels of chillness, many joked that the liquor shop is giving special discounts to people who know how to speak and read in English!

Check out the reactions below: 


we want this doubt to be clarified soon!