Magic Mop is my best quarantine partner!

The magic mop is the best invention ever:

This lockdown has taught us many lessons, including cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, moping, and learning how to wash veggies in the right way. From the past few months my routine is to wake up and do jhaadu poccha, and now I know how much power it requires. It is rightly said that moping is a great exercise. Moping was a big task for me until the magic invention arrived, the magic mop.

This invention has a place in my heart now. Whosoever made it, we love you!

The OG magic mop was invented by Mangano in 1990 and now years later, it is still making lives easier. It is basically a standing mop that comes with a handy bucket so that people can drain water easily. So no more chip-chip pohchas for the girls!

It is not only me; people are also loving this invention:

It is one of the bestselling items online; this magic mop has some desi versions as well. And we are so grateful for this one. Earlier, we were worried about moping the house, now it is easy. This 30 year old mop stick is the answer to this problem.

With house helps not coming these days due to coronavirus pandemic, other than office work, household work is also a responsibility. And this magic mop makes it easier now.