Mithun Chakraborty’s statement on joining BJP sparks meme fest 

Joining BJP, Mithun Chakraborty says ‘I’m a pure cobra’; triggers memes online:

Actor Mithun Chakraborty joined BJP weeks before the elections in West Bengal. Addressing a massive rally at the Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata, where PM Narendra Modi, also delivered his speech the veteran actor brought to an end all speculations regarding his political innings and delivered a speech packed with punches. His speech attracted many reactions online.

Saying that he is a proud Bengali, the actor said that he knows the people of Bengal love him for his dialogues and went on to recite some of the popular ones from his movies.

Referring to himself as a “cobra”, Chakraborty can be heard saying in the clip, “I am a pure cobra. You will be finished in one bite. Now, remember the new slogan — Ek chhobole chhobi (One bite and you will become a photo).”

Here is the video from the rally:

The National Award-winning actor, Chakraborty, has a huge fanbase in Bengal and the video went viral quickly. #Cobra and #Mithun Chakraborty began trending on Twitter with many coming up with hilarious memes and tweets for the same.

Check out the best ones below: