Mumbai Police’s reaction on Kabir Singh’s memes is epic

Mumbai Police’s meme on Kabir Singh winning hearts:

This is not for the first time that Mumbai Police has won hearts with their extraordinary humor; they are often in the buzz for giving epic replied to various situations. Recently the trailer of Shahid Kapoor’s upcoming movie Kabir Singh triggered a lot of memes all over the internet and along with the common people even Mumbai cops joined it.

In the 3 minutes trailer, there is a scene where Shahid Kapoor who is playing a doctor refuses to go with a man, has caught everyone’s eye, While Kapoor is heard saying, “Nahi aaunga matlab nahi aaunga. Bola naa nahi aaunga”,

This clip got shared by the Mumbai police to convey the message of drunk driving; saying that if inebriated friends insist on driving, one should retaliate thus.

Check out the Mumbai Police’s post here:

Immediately this went viral and Netizens were left in splits after seeing the cops using the clip so smartly. Many appreciated them for always acing the game while others made hilarious jokes out of it.

Check out the people’s reactions here: