Rare known benefits of Breast milk

Unusual uses of Breast milk

Over the years people have rightly treated breast milk as the perfect nutrition! However, along with that, there are also some lesser known facts about this wonder fluid which people must know. So, here we have listed down some major ones that you will be amazed to read about:

Helps in Diaper rash

Rare known benefits of Breast milk

Though it does not always work in some cases it really helps in healing the condition of the child’s rashes. Apply the milk on the dry skin and rub it, wait till the skin absorbs the liquid and then close the diaper. If your baby has a severe yeast infection then you should consult the doctor first before trying this.

Helps in teething pain

Freeze the breast milk into ice cubes and give it to the toddler. It will not only benefit the baby with the nutrition of the breast milk in fact, it will fight with the teething issues too. Use a pacifier for this because it becomes easy to handle and feed.

Healing cracked nipples

Rare known benefits of Breast milk

Most of the women face the problem of sore and cracked nipples, though there are many ways to heal it but the best one is through breast milk. Apply the milk on the nipples and wait for it to air dry, it will surely give relief.

Treat skin problems

You will be amazed to know that breast milk plays a wonderful role when it comes to skin problems. Issues including sunburns, chicken pox marks, cuts, scrapes, insect bites, burns, infected wounds and skin rashes etc can all be rejuvenated through this milk.

Cure Ear and Eye Infections

Rare known benefits of Breast milk

There are a lot of people suffering from chronic ear infections; little did we know that a few drops of breast milk into the ear canal can treat this problem within a day or two. It is a less known fact and mostly patients go looking for a resolution from an ear specialist whereas, the solution lies with them itself.

In fact in older times if anyone got an eye infection they would ask a lactating mother to give them a few drops of breastmilk that would help cure most eye allergies!

o ladies your breatmilk is truly a wonder fluid.