Netizens fume as Sambhavna posts Vlog on Sidharth’s demise 

People are really angry over Sambhavna Seth for Vlogging on Sidharth Shukla’s death & this is her answer: 

After Sidharth’s untimely death, various celebrities called out the media for their insensitive coverage of his funeral. However, actress Sambhavna Seth posted a video on YouTube which was captured on the day of Sidharth’s death. She and her husband, Avinash Dwivedi, vlogged their reaction on learning about the news and their journey to Sidharth’s house.

By now most of you might have watched it, if not then here is the link: 

As the vlog went viral, people slammed Sambhavna for vlogging the death of a person and talking about Sidharth’s grieving family. Here are some: 

After receiving flak from many people, Sambhavna defended herself in a series of tweets. She said that she did it for his fans who were keen to know about what his family and friend are going through. The actress also said that sharing general insights through social media is not a crime. 

Check out her tweets below:

However, her justification also did not go well with people:

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