NZ Govt’s advert on sex awareness wins praise

New Zealand Government’s advertisement on sex featuring porn star gained praise online: 

I love New Zealand for various reasons, first, my family members live there, secondly, it is a beautiful country, and Prime Minister Jacinda is love. Well, not only did the country eliminate COVID-19 they also proposed a 4-day workweek to promote work-life balance during the pandemic. And if all this was not enough, the NZ government has come up with an intriguing way to educate the youth about sex and consent. 

 The initiative, which is part of the ‘Keep It Real Online’ series, focuses on the difference between porn and real-life relationships. The ad displays two porn stars showing up at a woman’s house unannounced. The naked couple tells the stunned mother that they want to meet her son as he has been watching them.

As they slightly hint that her son watched pron, the woman decided she needs to have “the talk” with him. However, what’s brilliant is that the mother doesn’t freak out but instead calmly tells her son how porn is unrealistic and consent is always important.

Check out the video below: 

A lot of people were impressed by the initiative that wasn’t only non-judgemental but also has a friendly approach towards the sensitive topic. 

Check out the reactions below: 

This is important to give sex education to children, especially during young adulthood days. And, this is a brilliant example of how people can have ‘The Talk’ with children. 

What are your views on this advertisement?